Selasa, 18 Desember 2007


Explain about him/her self
Job after finished school
Last job, position, his/her role – stressed to field job or hands on job
Job that mostly enjoyed, why

His/her strength and weaknes (4)
Kind supervisor he/she like to work with
Friend comments about him/her
Working environment he/she prefer to work in

Reason want to work with this company
Knowledge about company business or position apply
His/her imagination about the job/position
Explain what will he/she does if see something that being in-properly done
When the time he/she takes initiatives to the right things and do it right
Most creative achievement at school and at work
His/her motivators and de-motivators in a job
How does he/she sees him/her self in five years from now

The time when he/she had practical hands on job. Give an example
His/her role on that job

When did he/she feel realy under pressure in the job
How did it come about
How did he/she deals whit it

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