Jumat, 14 Desember 2007

Download Video from youtube

How to copy a movie from Youtube and watch with FLV Player.

1. Open Youtube and select the movie or clip that you want to copy. Highlight the address bar and copy the URL.

2. Open in new window: http://keepvid.com
And paste the youtube url in the column and then click “download”.

3. A Download link will show up at the bottom. Click on it to save the file.

4. When the pop-up message show up, click Save to save the file. You will see the dialog box bring you to the save dialog box, with the file name as: get_video

5. Rename the File. Delete get_video with Filename you want to. For example: Ronaldo. But make sure put “.flv” at the end. So it should be: Ronaldo.flv

6. Once the file is saved, you can check it. If you don’t have the FLV player downloaded in the computer you are using right now, the file shown will be as the picture below. It is because this computer doesn’t have supported software (FLV Player). But don’t worry. Just copy it and bring it home and copy to your computer (which I assume you have downloaded FLV Player already).

7. If you have FLV player downloaded, when you copy the file, it will show an icon

8. Double Click the file and enjoy watching it, right now, in FLV Player. If you have FLV Player downloaded, you will see like below. If you want to enlarge, just click on the FLV Player, right hand down – right at the corner, hold the mouse and pull to enlarge, as big as you want. Ok have fun and enjoy watching You Tube movies.

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